In this situation, Daimler is looking for new locations outside the Czech Republic. From the warehouse in Úžice near Prague, the Germans planned to supply spare parts to the world market. The construction was to be the largest logistics hall in the Czech Republic. The whole area was supposed to take 44 hectares. “At the end of April, the MoE issued a disapproving binding opinion on the application for set aside from the agricultural land fund. Exempting large areas from the agricultural land fund and its construction would result in irreversible devastation and loss of production but also non-production functions of the land. In addition, the implementation of the project would disrupt the hydrological regime of the area, ”the ministry spokeswoman said.

According to the Ministry, projects of a similar nature should be located primarily on already degraded soils. "With regard to the ongoing climate change and the need to adapt to it, there is no justification for such a land occupation," Roubíčková from the MoE added. In terms of the law, the Ministry of the Environment's verdict is not a decision on the merits and cannot be appealed separately. It was only possible to initiate a review. According to the MoE, no one has filed a complaint. “Even in this situation, the builder can apply for a zoning decision. However, this is unlikely to be answered positively. However, it may appeal against this. At the same time, he may submit a new application for exemption from the agricultural land fund with a smaller size, ”commented Bystrík Bugan, a lawyer from Bugan Legal.

The developer, or developer, is the CTP group in this project. “CTP received the opinion of the Ministry of the Environment. He is currently undergoing internal analysis. After the analysis, he will consider further steps, ”said developer of the project, Vladimír Müller. Daimler is also solving how to move on to the project. “The set aside of a land permit is a condition for granting a building permit. The decision of the Ministry will lead to a significant delay in the project. We are now considering alternatives. We are still interested in building a warehouse in some locality, including the Czech Republic, ”said Jan Kuhn, a spokesman for the domestic part of Daimler.  

Against Daimler's intention , the surrounding villages organized by Corridor D8 named after the nearby highway rebelled . “The city of Odolena Voda sees the decisions of the Ministry of the Environment as very positive and groundbreaking. Our region is currently facing massive pressure to stop arable land, and the state administration authorities concerned have not yet supported us in the fight against this negative phenomenon, ”Tomáš Lohniský, Deputy Mayor of Odolena Voda, responded. The planned hall was to have 229,000 square meters. This is almost twice the area of ​​the giant Amazon e-shop store in Dobrovíz near Prague.