DHL Supply Chain is planning a gradual transition to carbon neutrality at its distribution centers by the end of 2025 as one of the main steps towards achieving its sustainable development goals.  "We are very happy that in Pohořelice, in close cooperation with our client and the owner of the premises, we have managed to implement the ambitious project of replacing the gas heating system with a heat pump system in full operation. The new heating system will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also lower energy consumption," says Jan Karban, director of DHL Supply Chain operations for the Moravia region.

Sustainability is at the heart of Eaton's vision of the future, the company informs.  "Improving the quality of life and the environment is our main goal, which is why I am happy that we have reached the main milestone of carbon-neutral operation in our distribution center in Pohořelice. Our close cooperation with the DHL Supply Chain contributes to its decarbonization, which positively affects the environment and costs for years to come," states Luboš Tomiška, director of Eaton's European Innovation Center. Through smart LED lighting, improved insulation or replacing gas heating with a heat pump system, Eaton is on track to meet its sustainability goals, which include halving operational carbon emissions by 2030.

DHL Supply Chain's consistent focus on sustainability is also demonstrated by other measures and activities implemented in its post-horelic warehouse. Between 2019 and 2023, it was possible to reduce electricity consumption by 35%. For example, newly purchased trucks are already equipped with lithium-ion batteries. The possibility of using photovoltaic panels is also being considered, which could cover at least part of the electricity consumption in equipment with stable operation, from lighting to conveyors to air conditioning.

"At CTP, we have a long-term focus on sustainability across our projects, so when the DHL Supply Chain company came with a request to turn its distribution center in CTPark Pohořelice into a carbon neutral one, we used our experience and prepared a comprehensive plan to achieve the carbon neutrality of the distribution center," explains Michal Adult, regional construction director of CTP in the Czech Republic. And he adds that in this project the company focused not only on substantial modifications to the heating and cooling systems, but also included infrastructure for electromobility supporting the future transition to more sustainable means of transport.