"The opening of the Ostrava warehouse was a fundamental step, thanks to which we were able to make our service available to a significantly higher number of customers. The goal was not only to start delivering food to more households, but at the same time to offer benefits such as express delivery in just 60 minutes and 15-minute windows, which our customers are used to," says the director of Czech Rohlík, Martin Beháň. Thanks to the opening of the warehouse in Ostrava, Rohlik.cz was able to reduce the delivery time in the region from the former six hours. On average, customers now receive their purchase within three hours of ordering, the online retailer reports.

Partnership with CTP developer
Since 2018, Rohlík has been cooperating on the development of logistics and storage capacities in the Czech Republic with CTP, in locations such as CTPark Brno Líšeň, CTPark Ostrava Poruba, CTPark Bucharest North in Romania and CTPark Budapest West in Hungary.

For Rohlík, CTP built specialized warehouse spaces that include dry, refrigerated and frozen sections, space for a pharmacy, bakery and production plant, all with an emphasis on sustainability. The buildings are BREEAM certified, have facilities for charging electric cars and are equipped with photovoltaic panels. The special technological requirements of Rohlík, such as high-performance air-conditioning to maintain optimal humidity and temperature, have been met by CTP, which promotes efficiency in the production and storage processes.

"The partnership with Rohlík is beneficial for both parties. Rohlík can use our unique and expanding network of highly sustainable CTParks, which with their strategic location record the operation of e-commerce projects. On the other hand, we draw experience from implemented projects and constantly improve our services. It can be said that Rohlík and I are growing together, and with each new project we carry out, our relationship is moving forward," adds Jakub Kodr, CTP CEO and Sales Director for the Czech Republic.

It doesn't end with Ostrava

The online grocer continues to expand its delivery areas to provide its service to more potential customers. Ostrava was followed by the opening of another 640 new locations throughout the country. Another 50 municipalities were added in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

As Rohlík states, he is not only focused on expanding his services to new locations, but also improving the proposition in existing ones. He therefore extended the possibility of ordering in the areas of Pilsen, Pardubice, Hradec Králové and Podbořan. The proposition has improved in Olomouc, where the customer can order with delivery within four hours of ordering. In the Pilsen region, time windows have been extended and the availability of services increased. Also worth mentioning is the new option to order a purchase with delivery within 120 minutes, which has been added to the area around the Prague warehouses. Now customers can order purchases in this way, for example, to Český Brod, Lysá nad Labem, Kralup nad Vltavou, Nižbor, Psár and almost hundreds of other locations.