The extensive range of products and the growth of the group together with the multi-channel sales network require high efficiency and special emphasis on logistics. Distribution to stores and shopping centers is a time-consuming process. This is, among other things, because shopping centers and local regulations set specific times during which deliveries must be made. "Sometimes the time interval ranges from only about ten minutes to a little over an hour at the most. This was one of the reasons why we were looking for a reliable logistics partner with the appropriate infrastructure to take on this task,” says Sébastien Mauriange, Groupe SEB’s Director of Logistics Operations.

But time is not the only problem that a logistics operator has to reckon with. In many cases, shops and shopping centers are located in city centers and are therefore not accessible by larger trucks. “Added to this are other challenges: the limited number of ramps, small storage spaces in stores, limited staff and the fact that the weight of individual pallets, which are usually pulled by staff with hand trucks, must be checked. All this means that the delivery of goods must be precisely planned and all elements must be perfectly coordinated. We know that if we fail to do this, the store will be left without goods, and that would be unacceptable," explains Magdalena Wójcik, senior business development manager at FM Logistic.

As the representatives of Groupe SEB and FM Logistic emphasize, the key to success is communication, which starts in the main warehouse. "The most important thing is timeliness and loading of goods according to plan. Any delay in transport affects the work of the entire warehouse and limits the operational capacity, both in terms of space and the employees involved," emphasizes Branislav Hubinský, distribution manager of Groupe SEB. Everything therefore depends on good communication with the transport provider and a quick response to any changes.