More orders and higher quality of services

The international logistics company Gebrüder Weiss is now using a larger warehouse for transhipment in its newly built Business Park in Pilsen - Vejprnice. It now has 6 loading ramps, complete with level entrance. In addition to the higher capacity and quality of the space used for handling consignments and storing goods, 120m 2 of a new modern office space is a step forward . “ The transfer of our branch to the Business Park in Vejprnice allows us to optimally manage the number of orders, which usually grows sharply especially in the pre-Christmas period. At the new site we also have the conditions necessary to further shorten the time of transhipment and thus the total time needed to transport shipments to the required destinations , ”says Jan Kodada .

Gebrüder Weiss: Logistics full service

The terminal in Pilsen - Vejprnice is one of the nine Czech branches of a logistics company operating worldwide. Since entering the Czech market in 1992, Gebrüder Weiss has built a stable position in the Czech Republic and offers its customers a comprehensive range of transportation and logistics services, including special solutions for extremely sensitive goods. Gebrüder Weiss's core customers today include many other high-tech, e-commerce, automotive and engineering companies.

The Gebrüder Weiss portfolio of services includes transport services by land, air or sea. However, our specialty is comprehensive logistics services tailored to specific customers. Our specialists have years of experience in supply chain management for manufacturers, subcontractors and sellers and develop individual logistics solutions for them. It is possible to integrate all components that are effective for a particular client. Whether it is transportation, warehousing, information logistics, additional services or contract logistics solutions , ”adds Jan Kodada .

Source / photo: / KNOWCOMM sro