"Italy is for us the first step to the west and at the same time to a different cultural and economic environment. Customers here are used to shopping online, and especially in our segment, more and more often than here in the Czech Republic. The services we offer are crucial for Italian customers, especially in terms of secure payments, product guarantees and fast delivery," comments Pavel Vopariľ, CEO of Bonami, on the expansion.

There are now roughly 20 million online shoppers in Italy of 60 million people, and their number and total e-commerce sales are constantly growing. The relatively small number of e-shops and at the same time the fastest growing e-commerce in Europe as well as the popularity of the household equipment segment should mean a good starting position for Bonami in the new market.

In Italy, Bonami will follow its usual model, i.e. serving customers from a central warehouse in Jenč near Prague using local carriers including BRT, Invio and other partners for more remote parts of Italy, with whom it will deliver the shipment in as little as two days. The next step will be to expand the distribution network to include collection points, BRT company boxes or delivery to an address via the GLS carrier. Brick-and-mortar stores or own transport will follow depending on demand.

In addition to the Czech Republic, Bonami currently operates its services in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and, most recently, in Italy.