Together with the bus station, Penta Real Estate acquired, among other things, land along the streets of Křižíkova and První pluk, where the Bastion Florenc office building or the operated buildings Křižíkova 2 and 4 are located, and land in the neighborhood of Rohanské ostrov or Smíchov railway station.

"Part of the deal are plots of land interesting for development, for example in the street Za Ženským domovy in Smíchov, in the neighborhood of today's bus station. It is a plot of land right next to the Anděl metro station, the gateway to the emerging district in the vicinity of the Smíchov railway station. In Karlín, it is an attractive area on the newly built embankment, in close proximity to the Štvanická lávka," the company said. According to her, other newly acquired plots of land are also in Zličín and elsewhere in Prague.

The successful purchase of a large area on the site of the bus station in Florence forced Marko Dospiva's company to quickly regroup. The developer had to get rid of several smaller projects in order to create a financial reserve. The developer had to get rid of several smaller projects in order to create a financial reserve. On the newly acquired plots, he is planning construction in the long term, which will require billions of investments. Penta's acquisition of ČSAD Praha Holding was approved by the antimonopoly office in November. From Masaryčka to Pernerova

In October, the Penta group completed work on two nine-story office buildings near Masaryk railway station designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Their construction lasted over 2.5 years and the cost was 2.5 billion crowns. The company will invest additional money in the planned reshaping of the track, which, according to representatives of Penta, could begin construction at the end of March next year. The plots towards the Florenc bus station should follow. In November, the group acquired plots directly adjacent to the bus station, under the Prague highway, from České drah and roughly a quarter of a billion crowns.

Thanks to the mentioned acquisitions, Penta will control a significant part of the plots above one of the three transfer stations of the Prague metro, which is one of the most lucrative places for construction in the center of the metropolis. Specifically, it will cover the area from the entrance to Masaryk station from Havlíčkova Street in Prague 1 to Pernerova Street in Karlín. Some time ago, it also acquired a plot above the Florenc metro station, where the Billa grocery store is now located. There is also construction to be done there.

The administration of the city of Prague and the city districts of Prague 1 and Prague 8 are counting on the construction of a new district in the Florence location. In 2021, an international urban planning competition took place, which outlined the future form of this area. The winning proposal from the team of Unit Architects, A69 – Architects and Marko & Placemakers was discussed and approved by the Prague City Council in spring 2022.