The first micro-depo should operate in a trial run, which the city will evaluate next year. The company will take care of its coordination. "The location is easily accessible by public transport, as it is located below the Prague highway, has large capacities and great connections directly to the city center," Deputy Petr Hlaváček (for TOP 09) added that the city is now negotiating with transport companies.

The logistics study was approved by councilors in June. In addition to the micro-depo network, it proposed, for example, the creation of more parking spaces in the center reserved for supplies in order to avoid parking on sidewalks. According to the study, the city also wants to support the installation of so-called bale machines, and a railway siding should be established in Malešice to transport municipal waste to the incinerator. According to the study, the city should also support the connection to the railway in the case of the construction of new logistics and production facilities, and a transshipment point for shipping in the center of the metropolis should also be maintained.

Source: Logistika ihned